Gelaxyo Rubber base macarons1 7ml

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Gelaxyo Rubber Base Macarons is a base with a delicate shade of pastel, rubberized, for semi-permanent nail polish or UV gel. Ensures maximum adhesion to the natural nail, guaranteeing resistance on the nails for up to 6 weeks.

Soak-off formula (the product can be removed from the nails with remover solutions or with acetone).

Rubber Base Macarons Features:

Prior to curing it is more viscous than the rubber Hard base

Its medium viscosity allows easy shaping of the apex

After polymerization it is flexible - ideal for thin and brittle nails

Maximum grip

Prepare the natural nail before application: remove the natural nail polish with a 180 or 240 abrasion file, apply Dehydrator, Gelaxyo Primer Non Acid then apply the Rubber Base first in a thin and even layer then a thicker layer to achieve the apex.


Curing in UV36W lamp - 2 minutes. LED48W - 60-90 seconds.

Product made in the EU.

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