Staleks Professional Ingrown Nail Nippers Expert 61 16mm (NE-61-16)

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Nail clippers are heavier and stronger than skin clippers. Large nippers are designed for strong, coarse nails, medium and small nippers are suitable for thinner, softer nails.

● for medium to hard nails

● straight cutting edges without slope

● cutting part without projection

● designed for convenient and accurate removal of an ingrown nail, thanks to a special narrowed and thin working part

● "safe" blunt tips prevent the risk of injury

● impeccable sharpness and complete closing of the cutting edges, thanks to a professional multi-level sharpening performed by a master by hand

● Convenient location and secure fixation of the tool in the hand, due to small wave-like protrusions on its handle

● Smooth and easy tool travel due to perfect fit and grinding of the swivel surfaces

● lightness and simplicity when servicing the tool, due to the original inverted rivet

● additional resistance of the tool to corrosion, which is provided by polishing with GOI paste 

● stainless steel 40X13

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