Gelaxyo Mermaid 01 gel polish


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Gelaxyo Mermaid Polish Gel, a semi-permanent nail polish that creates a rainbow of holographic iridescence on the nails - an effect also known as the “Mermaid”, “Mermaid” or “Unicorn” effect!

Dark gray shade with very fine iridescence!

Premium fluid, pigmented professional nail polish, with perfect single-layer coating, which gives the manicure a very attractive look!

Quantity: 7ml

Turn your nails into an amazing play of colors with these semi-permanent nail polishes!

It is used on natural nails, gel or acrylic. A special unique effect, especially when running models that cover the entire nail!

Nail resistance: up to 6 weeks! It is easily removed with Remover or acetone solutions.

Polymerization in UV lamp: 2-3 minutes, LED: 60 seconds.

Product made in the EU.


It can be used directly on natural nails, or as a color coating on gel or acrylic nails.

Prepare natural nails by superficially polishing the gloss with a medium-grained file

Apply Non-Acid Primer

apply a layer of Gelaxyo Rubber Base Flexy1, cure for 30 seconds in the LED lamp or 60 seconds in the UV lamp

Apply a coat of colored nail polish, cure for 60 seconds in the LED lamp or 120 seconds in the UV lamp

Apply a coat of Gelaxyo Ultra Finish, cure for 90 seconds in the LED lamp or 120 seconds in the UV lamp


Apply a pad soaked in Remover solution on the nail, wrap the nail with aluminum foil, wait 10-15 minutes

Remove the nail polish by pushing it with a wooden stick or spatula.

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