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Professional-grade extra-viscous construction UV gel, it cures without noticeable heat release - recommended for sensitive people! Due to its unique flexibility it can be used both as a gel protection on natural nails and for short extensions.

No filing required. Suitable for "pinch" technique. It does not flow because it is extremely dense, with Dynamic Viscosity® technology.

Before application the natural nail must be prepared using the usual preparation products. It is necessary to first apply a thin layer of classic UV base gel or Rubber Base.

Product made in Germany.

UV, CCFL and LED polymerization. Curing time in 4-tube UV lamp (36W): 2 minutes. LED curing time (18W): 30 seconds.


crystal transparency

it is cold polymerized

very flexible suitable for natural nails and short shapes

it does not turn yellow, not even over models made with white

can be used over french highlighting white

it does not rise to the edges

it cures quickly under all types of UV light

easy to shape - retains the molded shape - due to the dynamic viscosity

can be used with tweezers

strengthens natural nails

perfect for tips

ideal for reconstruction

What is the new dynamic viscosity technology Dynamic Viscosity®: the gel has a medium-high viscosity in motion (during the movement of the brush in the gel) being easy to shape, and acquires a very high viscosity at rest (when the brush is removed from the gel), so the molded form "freezes" until the moment of polymerization. Because of this, the gel does not flow off the template when modeling several nails in a row, even in conditions of excessive heat, as other gels do.

Also available at 50ml!

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