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Mosaic Rubber Base Collection – These are colored bases that contain multi-shaped sequins, which give multi-colored reflections. They are flexible and have a medium hardness and viscosity. They are very suitable for creating an elegant manicure, even without the application of nail polish. Due to the high degree of coverage, it blurs the small defects of natural nails. They can be applied to natural nails as a color or to create French nails.


The texture and consistency make it easy to use, both for experienced and novice technicians.

It has a medium viscosity, which facilitates the working technique - it does not drain, but at the same time it self-levels quickly and allows the apex to form on natural nails.

It ensures the protection of natural nails and fades their unevenness.

Due to the high degree of pigmentation, it covers the small imperfections of natural nails.

The base is resistant, elastic, prevents the exfoliation of the top material, keeps its color throughout the wear.

The brush is made of synthetic hair, of the best quality. The tip of the brush is perfectly straight, which ensures easy and precise application in the cuticle area. The shape of the brush is flat, to be able to take the necessary amount of material, without excess.

The packaging makes it easy to use and store the product. The rounded corners of the bottle allow the material to flow optimally inside, without waste.

Method of application:

Prepare the nails properly - perform the manicure, file the surface of the nails with a 180/240 grit file, degrease the nails with nail cleaner.

It is recommended to apply a thin layer of Pro Base Rubber, before any base that contains pigment, for better adhesion and to protect the natural nail from traces of pigment, polymerize for 60 sec in a Led lamp or 2 min in a UV lamp.

A thin layer of slip from the Fairytale Base collection is applied and without polymerizing, we apply a bubble of material to the middle of the nail to form the apex. It is polymerized for 60 sec in a Led lamp or 2 min in a UV lamp. It is recommended to remove your hand from the UV lamp if heat is generated during the polymerization process.

After polymerization, a thin layer of dispersion remains, which will allow the adhesion of the color from the semi-permanent nail polish.

At the end, any top coat from the Annette Nails range will be applied.

Way of removal:

*By dissolution:

File the surface of the nails with a file, if the base is applied in a layer with the apex, then it is recommended to remove the thickness of the material, then apply a pad (tissue) soaked with Remover or Acetone over the surface of the nails, wrap the nail with aluminum foil and wait 10-15 min. The remains are removed with the help of an orange stick.

*By filing:

The material is removed with the help of a file or with the help of an electric cutter, only by people who have completed specialized courses in the field. It is recommended to use a red abrasive bit

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